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Our common bond is a desire to create a business that stands for everything that is not artificial, mass-produced, common or mainstream.

First cold pressed Oil
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First cold pressed olive oil is from the first round of extraction from fresh, intact olives. It has not been heated during processing and therefore retains its full nutritional value.

Our Commitment
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With the vast range of olive oils available around the world, you will find many different varieties, each with a time and place for bringing out the most amazing, sensorial characteristics in your dishes.

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Palacio de los Olivos

This product is made from the olive variety Picual. The fruit ripens on the estate’s volcanic land, which grants it all the nuances available in the soil of the region. It is full of flavor and lies easily in the mouth, the oil presents as intensely full-bodied. There are aromatic herbs present as well as traces of tomato and artichoke. It is a unique product for consumers looking for something truly different.


We offer an extensive selection of gourmet vinegars from around the world. Whether you choose one of our Balsamic Condimentos from Italy, such as our Traditional Style Balsamic Condimento, our Fig Balsamic Condimento, Tangerine Balsamic Condimento or Pomegrantate Balsamic Condimento we offer a wide range of flavors and styles of vinegars that are perfect by themselves or paired with one of our extraordinary olive oils.


Extra Virgin Olive Oils

We search out quality products that surprise the senses, that make people say, “Wow” when they smell, taste or see them. We hope our customers will cherish what they find here not only because of their fine taste or beauty, but also because of the incredible skill and artistry that has gone into their creation.


Party Favors & Gifts

We are proud to introduce a fine selection of natural, unrefined, hand-harvested salts and spices from around the world. A perfect gift for any gourmet's kitchen!


Flavored/Infused Oilve Oils

Our Flavored and Infused Oilve Oils will give your cooking a unique and superb effect that will enhance your food’s flavor and presentation.


Bottling & Packaging

A worldwide selection of glass containers are available for your business. Take your pick (or several picks) of glass bottles, glass jars, glass vials, and candle glass containers.

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